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Digital Whellchair Lift

Digital Whellchair Lift


  • It’s a durable, balanced and secure elevator till 12 Meters
  • It could be manufactured at various sizes and measuresIt’s suitable for both outdoors and indoors
  • TS-EN 280 Conformant ProductionSteel Construction designed by engineers
  • High quality hydraulic circuit components
  • High quality electric circuit components
  • Operation Voltage
  • Operation Speed: 0.15 m/sn
  • Optional cage system around the platformSecure and ergonomic safety rails
  • Closed type bearings at rotating parts (doesn’t require greasing


  • High security with double chains
  • Security switch at the cage doors
  • Platform fall prevention and platform halt in case of a hose blast with hose blast valve
  • Platform Lowering (hydraulic lowering of the platform in case of a power cut or a power failure)
  • Secure control cicuit with 24V DC control circuit.
  • 3 different emergency stop buttons (lover stroy, upper story and on the platform)


  • Optional Accumulator and Redressor System
  • Overload Prevention with optional Security valve
  • Optional lift-off and descending warning system with auditory and visual flashes.
  • Optional double lowering speed
  • Optional Operating with 220V
  • Optional cabin on the platform
  • Optional platform door direction (3 directions)
  • Optional safety rails, cabin and platform manufacturing out of stainless steel
  • Optional manufacture in desired color
December 29, 2019